Kandanga. Queensland DH State Championships

Downhill Racing.

It's hard not to love it. Rough. Dusty. Steep. Huge A Lines. 

Last weekend we headed to Kandanga, Sunshine Coast QLD, to witness the spectacle that was the : 2019 Queensland DH State Championships          



This was a location, we had never been to, but, it"s reputation proceeds itself, which had us looking forward to the day, with excitement. Our aim was to provide support to our Ambassadors participating. But,we knew day held so much in store, we were not disappointed.

Hosted by TrailblazinBros, this unassuming venue, had plenty of surprises. Camping was on offer for practice, culminating in a Saturday night Jump Jam, under lights. No shortage of style, fun and craziness, was on offer.                                

100 + riders, on race day, set the stage for a day, that was sure to impress. The Trail itself, held challenges for all involved. No shortage of natural rock features, through dense forest sections, where momentum would play a big part, being successful at days end. Not to mention, high speed open sections, where plenty of time could be made up, if game enough to stay off the brakes.

Some of the most notable features including:

Suicide corner : combining off camber, mixed with steep gradient.      

       World Cup Drop : natural rock drop, about 2 metres in size.  


  Steep, off camber chutes, extremely blown out and dusty by Race day.


Finishing with a substantial Gap jump, located at the finish line.Commitment, almost a guarantee, of a podium position.                                               

The vibe and atmosphere was electric, plenty of viewing points, up upon the large hill, above the Event Village, providing a phenomenal location for spectators. Bikes adorned the opposing hill, lined up, awaiting their Race runs.

As per usual, seeding runs, were required, to determine start orders, in each category, for the Finale.

Once all completed, it was time for the Main event.

Plenty of young talent was on display, with a substantial turn out.

U13 to U19, had plenty of fierce competition, with Riders pushing themselves, sometimes at break-neck speeds, to the finish line, sending the final Gap, with commitment and no shortage of style.

Also to be noted ; Expert , Masters 1 and Masters 2. The top step separated by a mere 2 secs in all three categories. But, Elite provided the nail biting finish, worthy of an event of this stature, a mere .05 sec, separating 1 and 2.

Kandanga. What a venue. A fitting location, to determine a State Champ. DH racing, that required Riders to master all aspects, to be successful.

Our highlight, by far, being the old school natural tech on offer. Spectators were offered an absolute gem of a location, providing no shortage of wild moments for all.


The future looks extremely bright, for DH in Qld.











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